Where are they Now?
A Locator Guide to
Former WordPerfect Employees


Check out this blog which documents a Microsoft Guy's version of how WordPerfect
got killed. His version of reality differs somewhat from how you may remember it.

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WordPerfect for Macintosh - Development

Gary Ashcraft gary@ashcraft.org Software Engineer at Corda Technologies
Ken Boyer kboyer@myfamilyinc.com Software Engineer at MyFamily dot com
Mardell Cheney mardell@corda.com CTO at Corda Technologies
Dave Hamilton hamii@bigfoot.com Software Engineer at MyFamily dot com
Karl Jepsen karlj@tomax.com Twin Bro' of the CTO at Tomax
Larry Jones Developer at LDS HQ
Nolan Larsen nlarsen@myfamilyinc.com At MyFamily dot com
Rob Reiser reiser@learningfamily.com Writing sci-fi in CA (or UT).
Dave Ries David.SoNSo@verizon.net Engineering Mgr at Network Associates
Tom Sanders tsanders@novell.com Project Manager at Novell
Mike Tingey tingey@dharbor.com Last Founder Remaining at Digital Harbor
Paul Roper paulroper@attbi.com Teachin' CS at BYU
Barry Watts barry@theWatts.net Developer at MyFamily dot com

WordPerfect for Macintosh - Marketing

Roger Bell rbell@myfamilyinc.com Project Manager at MyFamily dot Com
Dave Harding dharding@verio.net At Verio
Heather Boyer At Verio

WordPerfect for Macintosh - Testing

Cordell Bourne dcbourne@msn.com Testing Mgr. at SCT (Campus Pipeline)
Kevin Carter kcarter@adobe.com At Adobe
Doug Cottle Doug.Cottle@nc.drsolomon.com At Dr. Solomon in NC
Rick Fogle a-rfogle@microsoft.com At Micro$oft in Redmond, WA
Lance Helsten c-hlf1.math.utah.edu Last seen at Utah State in Logan
Fred Kesler fredke@earthlink.net At Microsoft
Jeff Kindt jeffkindt@yahoo.com At Rational
Kirk Lee kirk_lee@intuit.com Tester at Intuit in Orem
Ron Lowe rlowe@fonix.com Last one at Fonix
Marty Mankins marty@chillywilly.org Working at Data 2 Logistics
Brian Marantz brianma@microsoft.com At Microsoft
John McCoy jmmccoy@syptec.com Software Engineer at Glyphx
Robert Poole rpoole@managedobjects.com At Managed Objects
John Renstrom johnrenstrom@hotmail.com Deveoper at Glyphx, not Glyphix.
Marsha Terry mt@solartj.us At Intuit in Orem
Steve Trottier strottier@novell.com DirXML Developer at Novell
Ed Watts ewatts@usfamily.net Medical Translator In Minnesota
Eric Young eric@youngcreative.com Copywriter at GSW in Columbus, OH
Greg Fox Left Cisco, now at Novell
Brenda Hales Now a Full-Time Mommy of Two
Patty Hurtado pattysteal@yahoo.com At UST (Bancorp)
Mitch Stevens Mitch.Stevens@HeadgateStudios.com Unknown
Trent Himes Unknown
Lane Johnson Unknown
Pete Widtfeldt Unknown

WordPerfect Presentations

Neal Williams neal@corda.com Founder & CEO of Corda Technologies
Burton Perkins burton@bperkins.net El Jefe at Intuit in Orem
Jeff Looman jeff@looman.org Some sort of Jefe at Cemaphore
Dana Rees dana@dieselsmoke.net Developer at Cemaphore
John Frederickson johnfred.1@email.com Unknown
Herb Derby derby@cs.cmu.edu 4th yr. Ph.D. CS candidate At CMU.
Stephen Humphrey stephen@humphrey.net Unknown

PerfectFit (Windows Shared Code)

Richard Adams rtadams@itsnet.com Developer at Intuit
Gordon Gudmundson gdgudmun@dharbor.com Developer at Digital Harbor
Bruce Gudmundson Developer at LDS HQ
Tom Creighton tcreighton@itsnet.com Unknown


Greg Bee gbee@itsnet.com Groupwise Testing at Novell
Jim Caldwell jimc@citrix.com Last reported at Citrix in Florida
Dave Duncan dave@duncans.org At Intuit in Orem
Walter Holladay walter@holladays.org Moved to Intuit (Fishbowl Acquisition)
Art Purcell apurcell@novell.com In GroupWise at Novell
Robert Newcomb At Tenfold
Arn Perkins Tech Lead at LDS HQ
Robert Stromberg At MyFamily dot Com
Chad Leigh chad@pengar.com Unknown
Randy Waki Unknown (Lucas Studios?)
Moray King Working at Cogito in Provo

Cornerstone/Core Tech

Richard Barton bartonr@cemaphore.com Deveoper at Cemaphore
Julian Critchfield jcritchfield@epixtech.com VP of Development at Dynix.
Hank Davidson hank@davidson.net At Intuit in Orem
Doug Earl doug@SignificantDigital.com Now at AccessData
Mike Earl michael.earl@landesk.com At LanDesk Software
Mark Hamilton markhamilton1@mac.com At Access Data
Gene Mahalko mahalko@cs.und.edu At the University of North Dakota
Harry Mahoney hmahoney@mac.com Now at AccessData
Kevin McCoy kevin@significantdigital.com Now at AccessData
Dave Merrill dmerrill@hotmail.com At Cemaphore
Craig Moe craig_moe@yahoo.com At Cemaphore
Boyd Parkinson boyd@significantdigital.com Now at AccessData
Dan Poppelaars dpop@infospace.com At Infospace - (the final frontier...)
Steve Reiser steve@justourfriends.com At Altirus
Brian Roelofs broelofs@earthlink.net At United Health Care
Mike Scalora mscalora@scarynet.com At Intuit in Orem
Jeff Wilson jrwilson@mindless.com At LDS HQ
Debbie Wright dwright@Tomax.com Now in Retail
Alan Smoot Doin' something at Cemaphore
Tom Caldwell At NextPage in Draper.
Randy Moe ramoe@mindspring.com Now at AccessData
Seth Leigh seth@pengar.com Unknown

WordPerfect for Windows & DOS

Alan Brown abrown@byu.net At Learnframe
Alan Landes ajlandes@hotmail.com At Dynix
Joe Martel joe@martel.org At Dynix
Derrick Shadel dshadel@corda.com Software Engineer at Corda Technologies
Dan Baker JHeuer7@aol.com Developer for an Accounting Company (w/Jeff Heuer)
Dale Taylor dale.t.taylor@intel.com One of the few... the proud... at Intel

Unix Marketing/Strategic Relations

Scott Worthington slw@rsglaw.com Now practicing law (until he gets it right)
slworthington@msn.com at Robinson, Seiler & Glazier.

Other Former Employees

Jerome Broekhuijsen Jerome@YoSemiTek.com Looking for new opportunities
Jeff Hanson jhanson@novell.com At Novell
Jeff Heuer JHeuer7@aol.com Working as PM for an Accounting Company
Lynn LeBaron xwp@daystorm.org At Intuit in Orem
Mark Munz mmunzk@unmarked.com Founded Unmarked Software - Austin, TX
Don Sorensen donso@aol.com On his own.
Mike Bird Getting his Degree
Gary Gibb At MyFamily dot com
Steve Moran stevenmoran@comcast.net Looking for new employment opportunities
Todd Ashman tashman@imall.com Unknown
Mike Burton michael@digital-photography.com John McCoy sez he's a UVSC Flight Instructor
Mike Hendriksen At Ellis
Ed Stevens Might be at United Health Care in SLC

Lost & Found Department (Where is...?)

Jay Kint jay@burgoyne.com Unknown
Steve Poulson Unknown
Brad Tolman Unknown
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